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AMETRIX CONSTRUCTIONS CO. is a designing, supervising and constructional company, which is located in Thessaloniki, Greece.
The company’s founders are Christos Melidonis and Alexadros Tripsanis. They have both completed their studies and their diplomatic work in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki specialized in the Constructions Science field.
The range of work includes:
Manufacture and sale of ready-to-use departments
Manufacture and sale of ready to use holiday homes
Construction, sale or rental of offices and shops
Construction, sale or rental of premises
Renovation of business premises or residential

Our goal

The aim of the founders is to provide the best possible result in the construction sector and to achieve this they have already managed to produce systematic work in technical and organizational issues, as it suits in a modern company.
In this way the construction of integrated projects with quality and speed is accomplished, since the manufacturer engineer has the necessary technical knowledge to implement the most modern technical standards, identical to the design and construction. This enables full control over both the selection and delivery of construction materials and labor of workers.
It is no coincidence that a civil engineer is expected to be on a permanent basis to oversee all phases of construction, which leads to projects of high standards.
By consistently applying all regulations, the planning provisions and by having an experienced team of subcontractors and partners - manufacturers, our company aspires to provide functional, qualitative and reliable construction, which will meet the real needs of their prospective owners, with no false elements to create impressions, which are available at affordable prices.
We know that the road to company’s further development goes through the complete customer satisfaction. Our philosophy is focused on conquering this goal.

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