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Thermi Residence Complex


In the eastern region of Thessaloniki, and just 5 km away from it there is the Municipality of Thermi. Thermi Community was founded in 1918, and from the 1970s onwards, the area developed rapidly and changed form.
Today, the Municipality of Thermi, is located in the center of innovation in the area of Thessaloniki, has evolved into an administrative, cultural and sports center of the eastern region and a magnet for recreation throughout the Greater Thessaloniki. It hosts Departments of the Aristotle University (TEFAA, School of Fine Arts), Technology Park, the Mediterranean Cosmos Shopping Center and a significant number of private schools. Also due to the rapid growth of the region banking branches, departments of public bodies etc. are observed.

Within the new expansion plan of Thermi municipality and in a distance of three hundred meters from the high school in the area, a complex of twelve apartments of high functionality and aesthetics is build.

The apartments are manufactured in a privately owned building ground of 1300 sq.m. located at the G296 block of municipality of Thermi. Thebuilding ground has a frontage of 45 meters in length to the road, which will open up further and will have a width of 25 meters . Also in the nearby are multiple public green spaces, municipal parking lots and other public utilities.

The complex is placed in the center of the building ground and consists of two buildings with two lifts, each floor (ground floor, first and second) contains two apartments. The study and design of such housing was done in such a way that all apartments are 3-sided, have south-west orientation, with view at the beautiful Thessaloniki and Thermaic.

The ground floor apartments have exclusive use of large and fully landscaped garden 200t.m. which spreads around the apartment and all the apartments of the first and second floor have large balconies both in the front (6 metrer length, 3 metrer width), where the living room is located and in each room separately.
In addition, each apartment has a warehouse, which is located in the basement of the building, as well as a numbered parking place within the boundaries of the building ground.
What is, however, should be particularly emphasized is the shared area of green space, located in front of the complex, which can be used by all owners of the apartments. Internally, each residence offers fireplace, autonomous heating, armored door of entry, security alarm and air conditioning, opening-reclining windows, wooden internal doors and kitchens in a variety of colors.

The excellent architectural study of buildings gives the possibility in the candidate purchaser of selecting between the following residences, as long as it concerns apartment’s size:

Apartments 85 sq.m. with 1 or 2 rooms
Apartments 105 sq.m.] with 2 or 3 rooms
Floor-apartments 190sq.m. with 3 or 4 rooms
Two-storied maisonettes 170 sq.m.
Two-storied maisonettes 210 sq.m.

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